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  • The height of modern mobile ad engagement. Playables offer audiences a sneak peak of what to expect from the product, service, or app being advertised. Highly effective among all target audiences
  • Extremely informative and highly engaging format
  • Can irritate users who are passionate about the content of the app they are currently in
  • This format is best suited for games because it allows users to try the game and "get hooked" on it before downloading
  • Informative and engaging format
  • Can irritate users who are passionate about the content of the app they are currently in
  • Interstitial advertising can be used to promote new products and to return the audience to well-known products
  • Static advertising that interrupts the use of the application and takes over all the user`s attention. Good, because you can show more than on the banner
  • Many users will be annoyed by the fact that advertising interrupts their work with the application
  • Rather universal. Suitable for advertising digital and non-digital products, brands
  • Such advertising pretends to be the content of the application, allows you to show more than banners but less Intrusive. Does not interrupt the user
  • Some are annoyed with their mimicry under the application content
  • For advertising already held titles and to return to the application lost users. Can be used for advertising seasonal update to the popular game or seasonal sales at popular chain stores
  • The cheapest and most versatile
  • Small in size, and the location of banners often leads to random clicks on the ad

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